A Payment Plan Solution For All Health & Beauty Clinics

MyHealth&Beauty provides an innovative and simple payment plan solution that is specifically designed for clinics in the health and beauty industry providing all types of health and beauty procedures. From beauty clinics and cosmetic surgery clinics to skin clinics and laser clinics our payment plan solution will work for you. We provide a fully managed payment plan solution that will grow your clinic and have your clients saying yes to your procedures straight away.

We have over 13 years’ experience providing and managing payment plans across Australia. We work with more than 2,000 doctors in over 1,200 clinics and practices providing payment plans to thousands of clients each month to help them reach their health and beauty goals.

What MyHealth&Beauty Can Do For Your Clinic

At MyHealth&Beauty we are all about helping Skin Clinics and Laser Clinics connect more of your procedures with more of your clients. That’s why we provide an innovative, fully managed payment plan solution specifically designed for your clinic.

Denticare Report

Client survey reveals cosmetic payment plan trends

Review our report on payment plan trends in the Health & Beauty industry including types of treatment funded by plans, treatment amounts, payment plan demographics and client satisfaction. As discovered in our recent client survey!

For Cosmetic Clinics

Offer your clients a convenient and affordable way to pay for their cosmetic procedures with MyHealth&Beauty Payment Plans and watch your clinic grow

For Laser &
Skin Clinics

Using MyHealth&Beauty Payment Plans for your Laser & Skin clinics will free up time, allowing you to focus on achieving your clients’ dreams

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