A Payment Plan Solution For Clinics & Their Clients

Our Mission Is Simple

We do something very simple at Health&Beauty – we want to help clinics connect more of their procedures with more of their clients; and we want to help more people get the look they want for themselves and their families.
At Health&Beauty, we believe our unique and uncomplicated payment plan solution along with our experience in payment plans will deliver exactly that; and ultimately deliver a better quality of life for all.
We have over 13 years’ experience in providing and managing payment plans and we work with more than 2,000 doctors in over 1,200 practices and clinics providing payment plans to thousands of clients each month to help them reach their health and beauty goals.

A Different Approach to Paying For Procedures

Everybody likes to have different options to choose from. It gives you the freedom to make an informed choice that best suits your needs. That’s why Health&Beauty Payment Plans are here.
If you’re a clinic who’s looking to grow and help make your procedures more affordable to more clients, Health&Beauty Payment Plans can help.
If you are looking for extended payment terms at no interest to pay for the procedure that you’ve always dreamed of but never thought you could afford, Health&Beauty Payment Plans can help.
Health&Beauty Payment Solutions